I am a photographer from Laois based at Harcourt Sreet in Dublin. I take fantastic photos of you, your family and your colleagues. Great photos come from collaboration and communication.
I learned photography by not reading the manual. Guys tend to do that! Then I would end up reading the manual. This process has taught me some great lessons.
  • The camera is just a camera - it's people that make the difference.
  • Knowing how to read the light is fundamental.
  • Relaxed people make great photographs - I love taking great photos.

I really like coffee and would be delighted to meet up and share one with you (obviously I will buy you your own - we don't have to share the same one!). I have been transparent for far longer than it has been hip to do so - there are no secrets!

My favourite quote (and I am paraphrasing Shakespeare!)

"Love All, Trust a Few, Harm None"

As a freelancer - I am your photographer working for you.

Oh! and I hate being late.

Please contact me to book or just have a chat.  I look forward to hearing from you!
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